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The 7 Habits of hight effective people!

7 HABITS to win the WORLD

1 Be Proactive

Be worried about these things you can control yourself like your day, study…. Just don’t give a shit about which you can’t like Rain, other emotions. What If I fail in something, should I blame others for my failure (Reactive), of course not cause I didn’t work the way expected for something. In simple words, blame yourself for everything you’ve missed in the past. So work your ass off next time.

2 Begin With the End In End

We should be grateful for the live we’ve been gifted but how do we use it? To live the life in this World you should script everything to yourself. What the last word you want to hear from the folks around you after your death. I myself want Good words like “he is an amazing guy, he helped thousand people” but well do I work for that or it’s just dream, do I behave that way. So ask yourself What the heck I’m doing. Keep goals, daily goals, monthly goals, yearly goals like by the end of the year, I’ve to work on the 5 projects. Be effective for your life and go for it!

3 Put First Thing First

We have a thousand things to get it done but there must be one main goal or thing like you want to work for Big Company, so you should first give more time for it. It may be skills to learn, communication, experience. do other things in your spare time like playing games, Facebook, But unfortunately we waste our priceless time in using Social media, uploading images. And in the end, you will end-up nothing. I’m grateful I don’t have any Social Media Accounts, I invested my time in learning instead. And now Tik Tok is ruining your Life, remember those who use it, stealing your data and sell it to third party companies!

4 Think Win-Win

Don’t defeat others for your ego or success, go help him/her, or at least don’t demotivated him/her. if you succeed I will definitely succeed. Falling down someone for your role up, it’s not essential, so change your world!

5 Seek first to understand and then be understood

Have you ever tried to understand someone? Instead, we keep telling the same shit every time what we surround ourselves and criticizing others. if we started being polite and understanding someone's feelings, probably next time our feeling be understood. We need to get down our ego!

6 Synergies

Collaboration changes the world, collaboration founded Google, Facebook, Github. Collaboration makes our Live. We need to collaborate with everybody rather than doing it alone. Make a team then start working and watch the result.

7 Sharpe the Saw

Get yourself some time to be more productive of the next move, if you plan to study 8hours a day without break, you may feel bad after few hours and ovßerloaded, what if you walk for 5min every hour, you would be more productive for the next hours, I bet you!

If you don’t understand these things, you may lost your destination. Find your Clear Vision and then go for it!

Work Hard in Silence, let your success be your noise!

A Special Thanks to @Alton, HATS OFF TO YOU, SIR!

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