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No more Stackoverflow, father of StackOverflow

We all face problems in our codes to find the solution, we definitely google it and then open StackOverflow or any other websites in order to find the code. for simple code, we need to open two websites, don't you like to have the code in google page

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There you've it! I hope you're excited how can I enable this feature. All you need to do is to install the codegrepper extension in your chrome browser, I believe it may be exists on firefox. Once you installed it the next time you google a problem you'll definitely see code in google search page.

if your problem isn't registered in CodeGrepper you can also add a solution for the google page, next time you google the same problem you'll see the solution.

Appreciate The solution

The Community has a small number of the developer and growing very fast. To support the developer who added the solution you can donate to him/her if you can!


Thanks for Reading this Post, I hope you'll love it and keep supporting the community!

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