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Discussion on: What is your opinion on "advertising" in library logs?

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Nehal Hasnayeen • Edited on

Sorry for the long comment -

To get to the local center I use a shortcut which is through someone private barren land, the owner is ok with people using it. I really like it because it saves so much time, but few days back he started to put some advertisement board on the land, actually quite a few and I really don't like it, its distracting and annoying passing all the ad board but I "SUCK IT UP" cause the owner can do whatever **** he wants to do with his land and if I don't like it then I can always use the long public road.

developer install new oss package
package creator: hey, it's free real estate
me: I'm okay with that

P.S: I'm sick so whatever gibberish I'm writing might make no sense .....