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Introducing Browsermeta: Debugging made (super) easy!

Sometimes you write code that runs exactly as you expected but fails to run for a client on their machine. Even though your code may pass all tests and runs correctly for you on your system and machine, it may still fail because the non tech savvy client may be using an outdated browser, a different browser vendor, machine with drastically different resolutions, extensions, lives in a different time zone.

Such issues are hard to debug because you might not be expecting them. It can be very cumbersome to ask client about their machine and browser especially if the client is a non tech savvy and or a busy person. There are many tools that monitors your code, send logs to the cloud and generate reports but non tools that gives you information about the client's machine and browser.

As a startup, we've faced such issues. Once, we created some popups that were not being shown to the client apparently AdBlock extension was blocking our popup even though the popup did not contain any advertisement. Another such issue occurred due to client's time zone because of which the time based filter that we created failed to filter data properly, we then opted to using moment.js to solve that problem.

Such issues will always occur and can be very easily solved if we have more information and understanding of what system the client is relying or and using. That is why we created Browsermeta. Browsermeta is a completely free tool that collects information about the client's machine and browser, which is uploaded to the cloud and gives them a link which they can share with you.

You can download Browsermeta extension from chrome web store.

You can not only see the browser and its version that the client is using, but also a screenshot of where they are currently on the page, along with information about their screen, OS, stylesheets, scripts, browser extensions that are current in use and current URL. Other than the basic information, clients can choose not to share a screenshot, screen information, stylesheets, scripts, browser extensions and current URL.

The extension and the website are in its very early and beta stages. It is completely free and adheres firmly to keep the privacy of the clients/users safe. We plan on adding tons of features like error monitoring, authentication, private links and give users a general and absolute control over their data.

However, keep in mind that most of the data that you find in the 'meta sessions' are generally available in the browser. The problem is that the client cannot simply go to the inspect tools to collect all the information or give you a list of the extensions they are using. Even as a developer, it can be hard to look for all the script tags, stylesheets and other such things for debugging.

We'd love it if you could check the extension, use it and provide us with valuable feedback. Browsermeta is in its early beta stages. We plan on adding many features to it.


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