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Introduction to Hascal Programming Language

Hascal is a simple, fast, powerful compiled language for developing systems, IoT and cloud projects.

Features :

  • Cross Platform (Linux, Windows, MacOS)
  • Fast & Powerful
  • C-Family Syntax, inspired by C, Swift, Pascal
  • Compiles to C++
  • It's written in Python
  • Native binaries with no dependency
  • Can program Arduino boards with Hascal
  • Built-In Lua Interpreter
  • Hawkai project manager(similiar to cargo in rust)


Hello World :

function main(): int {
  println("Hello World")
  return 0
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Run Lua Code :

import lua
function main(): int {
  RunLua("print 'hello from lua in hascal'")
  return 0
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Other details available in our github repo

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mellen profile image
Matt Ellen

The name is an interesting choice. When talking about it do you have to say "Hascal, not that one, ..."? Or do you pronounce it very differently to Haskell?

bistcuite profile image

It's pronounced similar to Pascal

mellen profile image
Matt Ellen

😁 so just like Haskell

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