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Which programming language is the best out there!

harveydanger profile image HarveyDanger ・3 min read

A-HA! Got your attention.

Long story short, the answer is It does not matter

Reasoning behind that statement.

For quite a while now I am serving as a Software Engineer with two Master degrees and publication in Robotics.

Throughout my professional life I have met loads of other developers, good and not that much. The only thing though, binding them all together in one group is a simple statement : "I hate this, and I like this"

Nah.. I am not going to participate in the holy war :) Don't ask who prefers what. Though I will provide some of the examples

When it comes to development planning, you may think of the following.

"I might stick to the Node.js in my web application"


"I am the Python dood.. logic should be done in Python!"

OR even better
read with viking accent

"Ya all mates are stoopid, Functional Programming and Haskell, a sir - war axe would cut your bugs in half O_O "

Well, surprisingly you are all right. You have chosen a platform and a paradigm that comes with it for free. However, a person who has strong skills in systems development will say: "brah.. morons, C\C++ is the fastest I only make FASTEST software out there".

Why am I playing comedy here? It is very simple. Human being is very protective animal and always tries to defend the only holy opinion (not all :) but many). However, being a rough C++ bloke does not mean you are always right (I am with you guys, I am C++ dev as well, I know that feeling.)

This protectiveness defines the relationship between a technology and a choice you make when starting a new project. However, things can be achieved with different technologies and you will never know the difference as a user full stop.

Ok, a few examples from holy war book of Knowledge (HWBoK)

Nowadays, people tend to say that Node.js is the choice number one, NASA uses it; but at the same time not many of those people would think in which particular field it is used. And as a result, we have 100% "async-await hell" compatible software that runs smooth. Could you achieve the same thing with Python, PHP, JAVA, C, Rust, Go, FORT.. .. blah and blah. The answer is yes. And it would all work well on the current hardware. Let's admit, that if you are making something very very big and important, you are probably at the stage when you defo know what tech. to utilise.

Wait, hang on.. he is bu11shEEtn us!

No, unfortunately, I am a witness of having "hevay computations" on node.js, while some would say, make it on Go, it is faster. It does its job though!. Moreover, I don't want to praise node.js, instead I am not a big fan of it, but using it heavily for different tasks. What I am saying here:

It does not really matter what you choose, you can do that (if you are not programming something like Opportunity - would be funny to see it running on node.js tho)

Which means that the more technologies you know and familiar with, the more freedom of choice you have, and smarter that choice will be!

Learn as many languages and frameworks as possible.

When you will have a nice backpack of knowledge behind your back, the probability that you will choose the optimal tool will tend to reach infinity and beyond.

Don't be inside the box! Love, Learn programming and love every unicorn and crab out there. It makes you wiser and open in your choice.


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