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DevOps Security Challenges and How JFrog Xray Helps Overcome Them

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Reactive approach to application security and information security has been the trend for a very long time. Most of companies tend to still take reactive approach to application security. And when security becomes a problem, it becomes a crisis. But why wait for an attacker to get into your unprotected or minimally protected sensitive data before you decide to do something about it?

If you wait until it’s too late, all attention will focus on remediation efforts and damage control as you attempt to hold onto what little trust still remains within your customer base. Proactive security approach is the name of the game.

JFrog Xray Solves all the above problems. JFrog Xray is an application security tool that integrates security directly into your DevOps workflows, enabling you to deliver trusted software releases faster. JFrog Xray fortifies your software supply chain and spans your entire pipeline from your IDE, through your CI/CD Tools, and all the way through distribution to deployment.

JFrog Xray's key capabilities are;

  • Automated Zero-Day & Malicious Code Detection by fully automated binary analysis capability and detection of previously unknown vulnerabilities in your code.

  • Eliminate Configuration Security Threats by providing tool featuring software configuration security analysis

  • Software Composition Analysis which helps detect vulnerabilities in your 3rd party OSS binaries and reduce your risk and fortify your brand as a trusted vendor

  • Deep Recursive Scanning Supporting all major package types
    helping see into all layers and dependencies of packages, container images, and zip files

  • Contextual Remediation which reduces vulnerability noise with smart prioritization by security analysis done at the binary level for more relevance

  • Visibility and Impact Analysis via component graph of your binaries and dependencies helping determine true impact of any vulnerability or issue discovered

  • Automate Compliance with Granular Policies to implement security & legal guidelines by setting mitigation behaviours to match the issue context

  • Accelerated Remediation to Minimize time to identify, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities along with enhanced CVE data with intuitive Step-by-Step Mitigation advice

  • DevOps Ecosystem Integration & Automation helping Integrate into existing DevOps tools: IDEs, Git repository, CI/CD, observability & SIEMs. Automate with REST APIs or the JFrog CLI tool

The security conversation is often intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to overcome these application security challenges. Talk to one of our JFrog Xray experts here at JFrog

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