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How much Javascript is needed to learn ReactJS

Don't overwhelm to learn JavaScript,πŸ™„

JavaScript is only this muchπŸ‘‡πŸ˜Š

  1. Variables
    β€’ var
    β€’ let
    β€’ const

  2. Data Types
    β€’ number
    β€’ string
    β€’ boolean
    β€’ null
    β€’ undefined
    β€’ symbol

3.Expressions Primary expressions
β€’ this
β€’ Literals
β€’ []
β€’ {}
β€’ function
β€’ class
β€’ async function
β€’ async function*
β€’ /ab+c/i
β€’ string
β€’ ( )
β€’ Property accessors
β€’ ?.
β€’ new
β€’ new .target
β€’ import.meta
β€’ super
β€’ import()

β€’ Arithmetic Operators: +, -, *, /, %
β€’ Comparison Operators: ==, ===, !=, !==, <, >, <=, >=
β€’ Logical Operators: &&, ||, !

5.Control Structures
β€’ if
β€’ else if
β€’ else
β€’ switch
β€’ case
β€’ default

β€’ do...while
β€’ for
β€’ for...of
β€’ for await...of
β€’ while

β€’ Arrow Functions
β€’ Default parameters
β€’ Rest parameters
β€’ arguments
β€’ Method definitions
β€’ getter
β€’ setter

8.Objects and Arrays
β€’ Object Literal: { key: value }
β€’ Array Literal: [element1, element2, ...]
β€’ Object Methods and Properties
β€’ Array Methods: push(), pop(), shift(), unshift(),
splice(), slice(), forEach(), map(), filter()

9.Classes and Prototypes
β€’ Class Declaration
β€’ Constructor Functions
β€’ Prototypal Inheritance
β€’ extends keyword
β€’ super keyword
β€’ Private class features
β€’ Public class fields
β€’ static
β€’ Static initialization blocks

10.Error Handling
β€’ try,
β€’ catch,
β€’ finally (exception handling)


β€’ Lexical Scope
β€’ Function Scope
β€’ Closure Use Cases

12.Asynchronous JavaScript
β€’ Callback Functions
β€’ Promises
β€’ async/await Syntax
β€’ Fetch API
β€’ XMLHttpRequest

β€’ import and export Statements (ES6 Modules)
β€’ CommonJS Modules (require, module.exports)

14.Event Handling
β€’ Event Listeners
β€’ Event Object
β€’ Bubbling and Capturing

15.DOM Manipulation
β€’ Selecting DOM Elements
β€’ Modifying Element Properties
β€’ Creating and Appending Elements

16.Regular Expressions
β€’ Pattern Matching
β€’ RegExp Methods: test(), exec(), match(), replace()

17.Browser APIs
β€’ localStorage and sessionStorage
β€’ navigator Object
β€’ Geolocation API
β€’ Canvas API

18.Web APIs
β€’ setTimeout(), setInterval()
β€’ XMLHttpRequest
β€’ Fetch API
β€’ WebSockets

19.Functional Programming
β€’ Higher-Order Functions
β€’ map(), reduce(), filter()
β€’ Pure Functions and Immutability

20.Promises and Asynchronous Patterns
β€’ Promise Chaining
β€’ Error Handling with Promises
β€’ Async/Await

21.ES6+ Features
β€’ Template Literals
β€’ Destructuring Assignment
β€’ Rest and Spread Operators
β€’ Arrow Functions
β€’ Classes and Inheritance
β€’ Default Parameters
β€’ let, const Block Scoping

22.Browser Object Model (BOM)
β€’ window Object
β€’ history Object
β€’ location Object
β€’ navigator Object

23.Node.js Specific Concepts
β€’ require()
β€’ Node.js Modules (module.exports)
β€’ File System Module (fs)
β€’ npm (Node Package Manager)

24.Testing Frameworks
β€’ Jasmine
β€’ Mocha
β€’ Jest

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