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Not meant to be offensive

What is this some kind of web development socialism? The reason frameworks exist because they serve a purpose and they are good at solving certain kinds of problems.

How can you tell that some way of doing things is better than other, before applying that abstract idea to real world problems. Think of frameworks are kind of lab rats to test ideas. why are you so hung upon them after all they are based same old ideas and new shiny syntax. There is no holy grail, one size fits all programming language/paradigm/framework.

coming to linux example, i use i3wm, and it solves my workflow problems very well. Does that mean everybody has to use it? or somebody using xfce/gnome/kde is wasting their time?

Let us see, when web components become popular, we will then have people talking about why they are a poor way of solving problems just like they are complaining about jquery (it was awesome when it was released).

If everybody works according to your or my wishes, then our ideas are absolutely correct. If we are absolutely correct, that mean we know everything and can predict everything which will never happen. so everybody will work according their own wishes and will produce a new framework(next update react anchors!! to be released on fall of 2020!)


I'm not against frameworks.

We are already building for one target it is called web. The web does support only html css and js.


People always forget the "and js" part uh

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