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STO Development Company | Bitdeal

Security Token Offering is the new concept that becomes viral in cryptocurrency globe . STO proves to replace the ICO model completely . There is no greater difference between ICO and STO . Since , STO proves to be secured way of funding than ICO .

STO - What is It ???

STO or Security Token Offerings is a newer fundraising technique , which offers security token to the investor . This security token allows the investors to claim for the profit/share of the business after the launch of STO .
As the security token includes legalization and the right to claim for shares, profits by the investors and thus STO grabs more investors and issuers than ICO .

Bitdeal - STO Development Company

Bitdeal is the leading STO Development Company which works on all branches of STO process. Bitdeal's STO services involves the STO Consulting , STO Script development , STO Marketing , Token creations , launching process ,etc ., with 100 % proven results and at affordable cost.

Bitdeal work out the following service related to STO Development
1 . STO Consultation
2 . STO Lanuch
3 . Token Creation
4 . STO Script Development
5 . Token Marketing
6 . STO Launch ,etc.,

To launch your STO sucessfully : contact Bitdeal - STO Development Company.

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