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Crypto Exchange clone Scripts to start your exchange like Binance

Bitdeal - Leading Clone Script Provider, furnishes the best clone scripts of top crypto exchanges to build your own cryptocurrency exchange as like Okex,coinbase,upbit,binance and lot more. We develop and deploy the best clone scripts with many new features and plug-ins to make your exchange stand unique in the crowd.

15 clone script to start your crypto exchange like binance, bitstamp and more

Binance Clone Script
Bitstamp Clone Script
Bithump Clone Script
Coinbase Clone Script
Bitfinex Clone Script
Poloniex Clone Script
Okex Clone Script
Paxful Clone Script
Kraken Clone Script
Upbit Clone Script
Korbit Clone Script
Bitflyer Clone Script
Coincheck Clone Script
Gemini Clone Script
Bitmax Clone Script

Bitdeal - Leading Clone Script Provider, provides the best exchange clone scripts across the world to start your own exchange as like Binance, Coinbase, Okex, Poloniex, Bithump, etc.,

We provide features like an automated trading bot, Unhackable Admin panel, User-friendly trader panel, etc with secured API's. You can start your own online crypto exchange as like popular exchanges to acquire the larger portion of the crypto market.

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Henry Quinn

Have any of these scripts gone through an independent audit?

Everyone here should be VERY wary of setting up a monetary exchange with someone else's scripts. You never know if they have a backdoor to hop in and clear out your wallets.

cryptokit profile image

Seems to be a lot of these clones out there at the moment. Seeing many exchanges that look the same so they do work but suffer in not being able to rebrand easy. If you still curious about exchange tech you can see this open-source crypto exchange guide here i think it is worth a read now we are in 2021 there are much more solid crypto tool kits out there:

I've personally tried HollaEx Kit and thats easiest to build on but for p2p stuff the Bisq tech is interesting.