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Discussion on: Linux VS Windows 10 - An Honest Comparison

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Martin Dimmock

In 36 years of running Windows and Linux machines I have never read such rubbish.

Notepad is still in Windows 10. Games run fine, as long as your hardware meets the requirements. File Explorer search is really slow, but criticising it for having a gui is very shortsighted.

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Loralighte Author
  1. Notepad was removed from Windows 10, at least from my laptop built by ROG. I can find stickynotes, but this is a 100% new install, cleaned up by Best Buy when I bought it maybe 2 weeks ago. May this be a fluke? Sure. But it is what I experienced and understand.
  2. As a gamer from the Linux side of the world, it was difficult to get back into the gaming flow. Everything is much slower than even on my FerenOS dual boot.
  3. I didn't critisize File Explorer for being a GUI, but the CLI alternative is utterly useless.

I understand you have 36 years of expertise but I am 17, with 2 years of Linux usage and about 12 on Windows (sometimes in dual boot, sometimes not). I spent most of my life on Windows, including my personal favorites XP, 7, and Vista. I switched away in 2018, after wanting to experiment. I didn't even yet realize how much more I would improve my workflow. Even before I got back on to Windows 2 weeks ago after a total of 13 months without a Windows 10 machine being in my possession, I still considered Windows 10 to be an alright operating system. I call this an honest comparison because it was comparing coming back to a system I didn't touch in a little over a year. I was fine coming back to the system until I starting living in difficulty, and right now needing to fix my FerenOS dual boot as for some reason KDE is having issues with my monitor. Windows 10 had the same issue but I found a fix online, and I have been too busy to do the same for FerenOS. I understand I don't have 36 years of expertise but I do have a lifetime of history in Windows, and only 2 years at most in Linux. So, I get where you are coming from but understand my point here too. I didn't hate Windows 10 and even then many issues I still have to work with I simply call "flukes." While I despise development on the platform, that is not because of bugs, like what might have removed Notepad. I also often lose admin access until a reboot, and I sometimes lose my keyboard. Most of which are flukes which I was fine with as I couldn't blame Windows 10 for it all.