3 Deep Dive Tutorials to Make You a Better JavaScript Developer Today! 😎

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In the modern JavaScript world, it's possible to be a remarkably productive developer while working with a relatively basic understand of the tooling and lower level structures supporting your work.

This is not a bad thing! It's a sign that the JavaScript world has developed an ecosystem of robust tooling and frameworks with maintainers who place a high value on user friendly documentation.

Having said that, when it comes time to solving obscure bugs πŸ›, and Stack Overflow isn't giving you any love, having the knowledge (and patience) to drill down a few layers can be very helpful. Nothing beats getting into the weeds! 🌿

On that note, here are three of my favourite "deep-dive" style tutorials. Give these a whirl, and you'll learn a bunch, and likely gain much respect for the devs out there that maintain the tools we use every day!

1) Build Your Own React - Rodrigo Pombo βš›οΈ

Screenshot of https://pomb.us/build-your-own-react/

Do you work with React? Do you actually know how React works? Like, under the hood? If not, get stuck into this tutorial and you will soon.

2) Eloquent Javascript Chapter 12: Build a Programming Language in JS - Marijn Haverbeke πŸ‘·

Screenshot of https://eloquentjavascript.net/12_language.html

It's all in the title! You'll quite literally build your own programming language. And once you're done with this chapter, go back and read the rest of the book - you won't be disappointed.

3) Babel Plugin Handbook - jamiebuilds and contributors πŸ‘

Screenshot of https://github.com/jamiebuilds/babel-handbook/blob/master/translations/en/plugin-handbook.md#toc-writing-your-first-babel-plugin

While not strictly a tutorial (although there is quick "Writing your first babel plugin" section), a read through the Babel Plugin Handbook (and the associated Babel User Handbook will take your understanding of this commonly used tool to a whole new level.

You'll also be introduced to a bunch of other concepts (like Abstract Syntax Trees) along the way.

Do you have any other recommendations for great JS deep dive tutorials? Let me know in the comments below! πŸ˜ƒ

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