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I also have a conflicted relationship with everyday-style challenges. I have set myself so many, and failed pretty much every time - life always finds a way to get in the way, and like you, I end up realising that the added pressure to do something every day just to clock a strike on the calendar is counterproductive. Plus, as soon as you break the streak, your impulse is to give up completely.

I much prefer working on improving my habits. Habits don't have to be practiced every day, but if I'm in the habit of going for a run a few times a week, or reading most mornings before work, then that's great. And if I don't feel like it one day, no stress.

That said, I have actually been doing 100DaysOfCode this year but I'm not aiming for a continuous streak. I think I did about 24 days in Febraruy for example and I'm happy with that. I've found that tracking what I'm doing has been really motivating, but if I was forcing myself to do it every day then I'd have given up by now!


You've put it so well. I think that's the most well-balanced approach for most people as well.

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