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Building Bridges between Code and Community: Developer Relations

What is Developer Relation, DevRel?

According to the MoonGift Inc., DevRel is the marketing technique used to ensure that one's company, products, and developers establish a good, continuous relationship with external developers through mutual communication.

Furthermore, developer relations, also referred to as developer advocacy, play a vital role in product-oriented technology companies by bridging the gap between the community of developers who adopt their products and the products themselves that are being launched into the market. Developer relations professionals concentrate on fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between organizations and developer communities, facilitating strategic discussions on how to create compelling projects using the company's technologies.

The importance of Developer Advocacy

The unfortunate reality is that "not every company requires a Developer Relations (DevRel) team." Wondering why? Well, product-oriented industries often find it easier to advocate for their products in the market, leading to increased adoption and revenue in certain cases, as well as bolstering the organization's overall presence within the ecosystem.

Nevertheless, organizations that do have a DevRel team tend to reap several significant benefits, including:

a. Cultivating brand loyalty
b. Encouraging extensive community adoption and engagement
c. Attracting top talent
d. Generating interest from investors and more

**How to get started with Developer Relations Career


Experienced technical professionals with strong teaching, public speaking, and writing abilities often find it natural to transition into the field of developer advocacy. However, it is important to note that individuals without a technical background can also explore this area, as long as they are willing to invest time and effort into developing the necessary skills to become a successful developer relations professional.

Getting started with developer relations requires the following skills to be acquired:

  1. Build your technical skills, like picking up any programming language and its framework and using it to develop applications in any domain of interest.

  2. Learn how to write technical articles by communicating what you build to the community.

  3. Attend and apply to speak at developer conferences, which help develop content creation and public speaking.

  4. Apply to free and/or paid mentorship cohorts like DXMentorship, where you learn several other cogent skills useful for your career

  5. Build your portfolio and resume - then start applying to internships and early career roles for more experience.

  6. Continuous learning and learning !!!

*Opportunities in the DevRel Space

As a professional in the field of developer relations engineering, you have the privilege of enjoying several additional perks that may not be available to all your colleagues. These benefits are often essential for your company, as they contribute to revenue growth and enhance public recognition within the developer community. Here are some examples of these advantages:

Engaging with a diverse range of developers worldwide: In your role, you have the opportunity to interact with developers from various backgrounds and cultures. This exposure allows you to broaden your perspective, learn from different experiences, and build a global network of professional connections.

Complimentary attendance at conferences: Attending conferences is an integral part of your job, and your company recognizes its value. You have the privilege of attending these events at no cost, enabling you to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, connect with thought leaders, and share knowledge with fellow professionals.

Developing public speaking expertise: As a developer relations engineer, you regularly engage in public speaking engagements. Whether it's delivering presentations, leading workshops, or participating in panel discussions, you gain valuable experience in effectively communicating technical concepts to diverse audiences. This enhances your public speaking skills and boosts your professional profile.

Establishing yourself as a go-to expert within the company: Your role as a developer relations engineer positions you as a trusted authority within your organization. Colleagues and teams often rely on your expertise, insights, and guidance when it comes to understanding the needs and preferences of developers. This recognition can elevate your professional standing and contribute to your career growth.

Collaboration with executives at a strategic level: Given the strategic importance of developer relations, you have the opportunity to collaborate with executives at the staff level. This involvement allows you to provide valuable input on product development, marketing strategies, and overall business objectives. Working closely with senior leaders offers you visibility within the organization and allows you to contribute to important decision-making processes.

Thank you for reading, and do get started at DXMentorship.

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