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Thinking of junior developer

To start this story you should probably know something about me first. I am 20 years old developer with no college degree and I just made it through my first week as a junior front-end developer.

Right now I am sitting at my table and I can't believe that I am working as a web developer. I actually went to college for 2 years without luck since I couldn't force myself to study I pretty much failed every class for 2 years in a row and I knew I had to something with my life. So naturally, I started looking around the internet and got interested in programming since I actually dabbled with some QBasic and C but it was in elementary and all that was forgotten. I decided to give it a shot and start with web development more accurately HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Skipping 10 months ahead I landed my first job as a junior front-end developer and I already had several projects before that. So how did I managed to secure 3 projects and a job within 10 months of learning programming...easy same as anyone else can do it. Just believe in yourself, I can't stress enough how much positive mindset can affect your way of thinking and doing things. If you keep thinking 'I can't do this', 'This is too hard', 'I will never learn this' well then probably you won't learn it and it will be hard because how can you learn or achieve something if you don't believe in yourself?

Basically what I wanted to share today is that positive mindset is all you need to succeed at something, nobody is born knowing everything and everyone is learning so why should you be ashamed that you don't know something? Take pride in knowing that you don't know everything and let it push you to never stop learning and never stop working on yourself because at the end of the day that's all that counts.

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Welcome to our community. Believe in yourself (but be humble at the same time), work and practice hard (but not to the point of burnout!), learn everything that you can (nothing will evaporate & everything could be useful later) and do not forget to take care about your mental and physical health as well.

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Miguel Rodriguez

Great post! I feel you, I didn't studied CS, and in college I was afraid that I wouldn't love my job in the field of my education. Months before my graduation I became interested in mobile development and began learning, 1 year later and I'm as happy as it gets developing mobile apps at a company. I totally agree with you, having a positive mindset is the key. And "Fake it till you make it". You have to believe you're a developer to become one.