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"Do It, Do It Right, Do It Better": A philosophy for Cloud Developer

As a cloud developer, you must approach every project with an eye towards quality, efficiency, and continuous development. This mindset is encapsulated in the statement, "Do it, do it right, do it better," which serves as a great reminder of the necessity of achieving excellent results in cloud development. In this article, I'll explain how to apply this statement in your daily work.

First and foremost, execute it or "do it."

The initial step in every cloud development project is to begin. The cloud computing market is continually changing, and developers must keep up with the latest technology and best practices. Starting with "do it" is the first step towards delivering a high-quality cloud solution.
To begin, do the following:

  1. Defining your project objectives and determining the tools and services required to fulfil them
  2. Make a schedule and divide the necessary resources to ensure the project is done on time.
  3. Lastly, start working on your implementation to ensure it meets your project's needs.

Of course, the most important thing to remember when you're just starting is to DO IT FIRST.

Complete the business requirements. Make sure that all of the features are included in the project you're working on.

Don't put too much emphasis on adding or implementing new technology or experimenting here and there. This will happen later on. If you are capable of following best practices, try to do so. It's OK if you're not entirely sure; do it later.
The general attitude is, "Do it first!"

Do It Correctly

Once you've begun your cloud development project, you must concentrate on "doing it right." This entails taking advantage of the advantages of cloud computing while ensuring that the implementation is secure, scalable, and reliable.
To accomplish this, you should:

  1. Stay current on the latest technologies and best practices: Because the cloud computing business is constantly growing, it's critical to stay current on the latest innovations and best practices. Attending webinars, reading industry blogs, or engaging in online forums could all be part of this.
  2. Work with stakeholders: Working with stakeholders, including business leaders, end users, and other developers, can help you understand their needs and discover areas for development. Seeking and incorporating input regularly can assist you in ensuring that your implementation is "doing it properly."
  3. Measure success with metrics: Metrics are critical for determining the effectiveness of a cloud implementation. By keeping an eye on critical indicators like performance, availability, and cost, you can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions about how to make your deployment function best.

Finally, do it better.

After you've begun your cloud development project and focused on "doing it correctly," it's time to shift your attention to "doing it better." This entails constantly upgrading your implementation to produce results that exceed expectations. To accomplish this, you should:

  1. Accept automation: Automation is an essential component of cloud development since it can help you save time and boost efficiency. You'll have more time to concentrate on more critical projects and improve your cloud development skills if you automate routine processes like testing and deployment.
  2. Seek input and make improvements regularly. Getting feedback from stakeholders often and using it in your work will help you figure out where you need to improve. You can make sure your cloud development projects are always "doing it better" by asking for feedback and making changes on a regular basis.

Finally, the "Do it, do it right, do it better" concept serves as a helpful reminder of the necessity of producing exceptional results in cloud development. Suppose you just get started, focus on doing it well, ask for feedback and make improvements on a regular basis. In that case, you can ensure that your cloud development projects always meet high standards and produce results that exceed expectations.
You have to start somewhere, especially if you are a junior just starting out. Don't waste your time focused on one issue that will consume your time until you miss the deadline. If you stick to the philosophy, you'll be OK! This attitude, I believe, is equally applicable to others.

I hope you got the spirit of what I was saying!
Continue to be hungry, foolish, and curious!

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muzizwane profile image

I love this. It has been a month since I started my cloud development learnership here is South Africa. the experience has been amazing while there's a lot of work but I've been enjoying every moment of it.

we haven't started any projects yet but hopefully very soon (after finishing the theory part).