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pypi packages with GitHub actions

GitHub actions are a great way to get your ci/cd done.

In this post we will see how we can run ci flow with lint, package, test and publish a python package. Using the sample repo
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This will help you get started on a simple GitHub action for a pypi package.

Refer to GitHub Workflow Syntax for documentation.

Workflows have jobs and steps under that, our workflow is defined in the file
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This is configured to run when a commit happens on the main branch.

The steps in the workflow include

  • checkout (using predefined action actions/checkout@v2 )
  • Install dependencies required in the workflow
  • run pylint for linting
  • build the pypi package
  • get version from version file in the repository ( this will be used with the test step )
  • install the package from dist/*
  • run unit test
  • publish package to pypi ( using pypa/gh-action-pypi-publish )
  • install package from pypi URL to verify

Version is read from the version file both on the and in the workflow during install/test

Once we make a commit on the main branch, we can see the workflow run on the actions tab of the repository

GitHub action tab

After the job run we can see our package in pypi webpage.
pypi webpage

| Note: if you notice the workflow file we can see a secret being used with in package upload. Add a GitHub secret called PYPI_TOKEN which has the token from pypi account.

| Check for steps to generate the token

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