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Starting Week 1

What a week! After living my whole life around code, today marks the first seven days of actually dedicating time and resources to learning code full time. It is exhausting.

I'm loving every console.log('Hello World') and fetch request. Week one of the 15 week Flatiron Software Engineering course got me through DOM manipulation and JSON parsing.

Finishing week 1 on JSON data felt like a good place: there is something magical about a nicely formatted data set.

I expect that I'll have more data-related posts in the future, for now I'll leave with something I was thinking about while walking the dog this weekend:

Array and frame of reference within in a delimited space: If we are shifting and unshifting data around in an array, in relationship a single piece of data what are we doing? Are we moving the data around within the array, or are we shifting the array's frame of reference. This question arises for me when thinking about shifting data around in an array as if it were a playing board (tetris or chess for example). If I move a piece one slot left, is the piece moving or are we moving the whole frame of reference for the array.

Would a more efficient way would be to swap positions for the data with the element next to it rather than actually moving all the data around it?

More to come, specific examples. For now, on to week 2 and our first code challenge.

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