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TASK - 2

Q-1->.You are testing a form that allows users to schedule appointments with a doctor. The form has the following fields: first name, last name, email, phone number, and appointment date/time. Some more inputs:
• If any field is blank, we should display “All fields are required”
• If the email is invalid, we should display “Please enter a valid email”
• If the phone number is invalid, we should display “Please enter a valid phone number”
• If the appointment date/time is not available, it should display “Please choose another date/time”
• If all fields are correct and the appointment is available, we should schedule the appointment successfully.
For these requirements write down the correct list of conditions in form of decision table

Decision table technique is one of the most widely used technique in testing to crack the combination of test cases. It contains set of combinations and their respective actions. It also known as cause-effect table.
Image description

Q-2->.Suppose you are a software tester and you are assigned to test a new mobile app that has just been developed. The app has three different user roles: basic user, premium user, and admin user. You have been given the following three test scenarios to execute:
• Basic users can only access limited features of the app, while premium users can access all features. Admin users have access to advanced settings and can perform all actions.
• Users should be able to create and delete their accounts successfully. Passwords must meet the required complexity standards and users should receive a confirmation email upon successful account creation.
• Users should be able to navigate through the app seamlessly without any crashes or performance issues. The app should also display appropriate error messages when a user attempts to perform an action they are not authorized to perform.
For each of the test scenarios, describe the steps you would take to test them and the expected results.

The following scenario and their test cases are given below :-
Test Scenario 1
Image description
Test Scenario 2
Image description
Test Scenario 3
Image description

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