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The Top 15 Programming Articles That You Should Read

Good day, everyone! These articles were chosen for their significance. If you're a programmer or want to learn how to programme?, these articles will come in handy. These will assist you in honing your coding abilities.

So let`s get started...

1. Every Programmer Should Be Aware of These 10 JavaScript Hacks

In this article, I'll show you how to make your code more efficient using these simple tricks. It will also assist you in writing clean code and reducing programming time.

2. How to Learn Programmming?

Programming is a skill that is in demand in the modern world. It has become a necessity for people who want to be able to create or modify digital content.

3. How to Write Functions Like a Senior Developer - Eight Tips

A function is a section of a tale that tells about a system.

4. During Coding Interviews, There are 3 JavaScript Queries to Watch Out For.

All current web browsers use JavaScript as their official language. As a result, questions about JavaScript appear in a wide range of developer interviews.

5. How to Make a Simple HTML 5 Webpage?

The title, header, and an ordered list of favoured online languages are all displayed on the website.

6. 8 Google Courses That Offer Free Certifications

There are tons of Courses that you can learn from Google and absolutely for free. It's pretty cool, right?

7. Create an RGB Color Picker Using HTML and Bootstrap

Using HTML and Bootstrap, I made an RGB colour picker today. It was entertaining, and I finished it in the allotted 10 minutes.

8. I Wish I Had Known About These Tools When I Started Coding

If you're just getting started with programming, these tools can be helpful. This post will be divided into two sections - Chrome Extensions and VS Code Extensions.

9. Programming is a Difficult Task. That is Exactly Why You Should Study It.]

I started learning JavaScript four months ago, starting with the front-end curriculum at freeCodeCamp. Programming became a pastime for me.

10. These 5 Frontend Development Tools Will Help You Save A Lot Of Time

Beginner programmers are prone to procrastination and waste time. Using tools is extremely effective and long-term useful for both novices and advanced developers.

11. What to do if You are Stuck in a Coding Tutorial?

We've all been in that situation. I've been learning to code and finishing instruction after tutorial, but I'm still stuck. Then comes the self-doubt. "This is very difficult." "Perhaps coding isn't for me," you could think. I'm sure you've experienced it.

12. How Can You Improve Your Coding Skills?

Programming is a talent that can be improved and expanded upon at any time.

13. How to Improve Your Programming Problem-Solving Skills?

Learn how to improve your programming problem solving skills?

14. The All-In-One Programming Language

There is a language hidden behind the code that begs to be discovered.

15. What Can You Do to Improve Your Logical Thinking?

For those who can’t quite trek a mountain for deep thought, consider these tools to improve your programmatic critical thinking

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