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Why you should switch to pNpM?

If you are a developer, you know the hardships one faces while installing all the dependencies for a project and the amount of time it takes.
Worry not, pNpM is here with a solution.

What is pNpM?

Performant NPM is a fast, disk space efficient package manager.

You can install pnpm in your system using:
npm install -g pnpm

You can use all the npm commands by using pnpm equivalent.
Example: pnpm i

pnpm is better than yarn and npm

  1. - It is 3x faster and more efficient than npm and yarn
  2. - pnpm has better disk space efficiency.
  3. - It creates non-flat node_modules directly which allows you to share dependencies of the same versions across projects.
  4. - It is more secure as compared to yarn and npm.

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