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Generate code snippet for REST API call from Postman

Testing REST APIs in Postman is a norm for all software developers. Once the REST API is tested in Postman, it is time to integrate the same with the frontend interface to fetch or post data.
During the integration phase, if you face a blocker while developing the code for an API call, then Postman is here to help.
Just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Add the REST API call in POST man and initialize the body and headers based on the method (GET or POST)
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  2. Once you receive the success response, click the code icon in the top right corner. In the dialog box, select the relevant coding language from the dropdown.
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  3. Postman will generate a code snippet that you can now copy and paste in your project.
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BEWARE: The snippet may require some modification based on your project.

Happy Coding!

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ezpieco profile image

I have been using postman for over a year and never discovered this feature! This makes writing rest API calls a lot more easy. Thanks for such a nice blog! Thumbs up from my mod panel!