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My notes about Google Course titled "Foundations of Project Management" -Part 2


As mentionned in the title, this is the 2nd part of my notes about Google Course "Foundations of Project Management", here you can find the 1st part.

Exploring the phases of the project life cycle :

The project life cycle has 4 major phases
Phases of a Project life cycle

Introduction to lean and six sigma :

Lean Six sigma are commun for projects that have goals to save money, improve quality and move through processes quickly.
Phases of Lean & six Sigma

Six Sigma : Reduce variations by ensuring that quality processes are followed every time. Below the 7 key principales :

  • Always focus on client
  • Identify and understand how work gets done
  • Processes flow smoothly
  • Reduce waste and concentrate on values
  • Stop defects by removing variations
  • Involves & collaborate with team
  • Approach improvement in systematic way

Overview of classic and matrix structures :

Organizational structure refers to the way a company or organization is arranged or structured. There is 2 type of organizational structure :

  • Classic : Top down hierarchy, CEO has direct authority over several department manager
  • Matrix : Employees can have 2 or more manager
Reporting charts :

shows relation between people and groups within the organization and details who person or groups reports to.

Introduction to organizational culture :

Organization’s culture provides concepts and acts as a guide for what their people value, how they operate on a daily basis, how they relate one to another…

Change management :

is the process of delivering a project and getting people to adopt. When project managers understand change management and their role in the process, it helps to ensure a smooth rollout and easier adoption.

Steering committees :

Advisory board or council to help the Project Managers and the company make and approve strategic decisions that affect the company and the project.

I Hope that those 2 posts will help you to have an overview of the Coursera Course "Foundation of PM" By Google.

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