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CIA Triad

The CIA triad is the major, common and basic principle that is used for the development of security systems, policies, and procedures. It is also used to identify threats or vulnerabilities and provides effective solutions. CIA triad plays a vital role in the daily routine processes and security of an organization.
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Definition of CIA Triad in Examples.

Confidentiality: Confidentiality means to keep something private and secret. Suppose I have given you a book and if no one knows that I have given you that book and the book is with you. Then the confidentiality of the book is not compromised.

Integrity: Integrity is defined as, no one should have access to the book to edit, modify and misplace the book. If the book is misplaced, edited, stolen, or copied then the integrity of the book will be compromised.

Availability: Availability is defined as, whenever the book is required it must be available for use or studying purposes for the authorized personnel. If not then the availability of the book is said to be compromised.
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You may assume the book as data. Data and information are the most valuable assets for the organization. If the CIA triad is not implemented on the data then the data is not safe.

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