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I created a JavaScript free portfolio

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I always wanted to make a portfolio, I always saw as the medium by which I could showcase my work and my skills. So I wanted it to be a true representation of how I work.

I tried a lot of concepts, build five portfolios before throwing them to the trash can, and emptying it. Finally, I thought what would define how I love making software. Three worlds came out: simple, minimal, beautiful. This is how my portfolio needed to be.


The simplicity came from making from it's structure, it's layout, the choice of the technologies used in it. Why would I use JavaScript if everything that I wanted to do could be done using plain CSS. Why would I use frameworks like Bootstrap or foundation, if I could handle everything myself.


In the choice of the information that it provides, the choice of colors and design. Basically, it's overall spirit.


In this case, this is a subjective matter, but looking at the current design trends, and some award winning portfolios. I think describing it as beautiful fits it.

I am not done making it, there is still a lot of work to be done, I have a lot of projects to add and things to tweak. But I judged that it has reached the point where it could be published. So I thought I would submit it to the people of this wonderful community to seek their opinion and critic.

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Very nice, but when I tap on anything on your previous projects it sends me back to the first paint. Also, if you are going t write about your experience building a js free website, might want to show some of the underlying code that makes it special.


Thanks for the feedback ! It's an issue I will be fixing by making it redirect to a post detailing the project. Also, it will be good idea to make a post about the reasons behind a JS free website. Thanks again for the suggestions.