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Hamed Baatour
Hamed Baatour

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I have curated 84+ high quality tools to use in 2022

developers tools fatigue is a real struggle! 😪

when starting any new project or building a new website/app or SaaS you have to go through a long list of GitHub stared libraries or a huge browser bookmark just to find out that you don't really know what you have to type in search or find what you are looking for.

Tools overload
most lists out there just put everything under the sun from tools and services just to bombard developers with even more tools.

instead of solving the issue of searching fatigue they make it worse. I don't need a 2000+ list of tools I just need 6 tools suggestions max for each use case whether that to build a specific feature or part of a website.

Not another generic list
this is not another unopinionated list of tools.
this list gives recommendations based on real experience using the suggested tools so you will find small notes for each tool like "expensive" | "bad docs" and other observations from my own experience to help you make a better decision faster when choosing any tools off the list.

Why this list?
💎 only handpicked quality tools
📦 10+ categories
🔍 searchable & filterable
♻ frequently updated

there's even a white noise audio player that you can use to relax while picking your favorite tool ;)

😻 just launched DevBox on Producthunt
🔗 and here is the list direct link

hope you find this useful!

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Jonas Petri

Nice list! I like that you added stuff like “bad documentation” and “hidden fees” because you often don’t find out about stuff like that before you’ve already invested time and money in it.
One suggestion for the site though, the white noise button kinda overlaps with the text at times, I think it would look better if you added some kind of box to it.

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Hamed Baatour Author

Thanks Jonas, for checking this also 😊
used quite a bit of libraries/products to build another huge product and InTab, so I thought I would share a small part of that. I would be posting another post here in exclusively on open-source libraries (upsides/downsides and alternatives for each use case)
btw, spot on feedback, unfortunately didn't have time to polish some of the parts of the website due to limited time (the solo founder struggle is real 😆) but I would fix that as soon as I get a chance to comeback to it :)

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Jonas Petri

Sounds awesome, looking forward to that!