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Is my code self-documenting?

Juha-Matti Santala
I'm a developer community builder and full-stack web developer from Finland. I blog occasionally here and weekly at my own blog at
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So you know how some people say that "Good code documents itself"?

Is this what they meant?

def self_documenting_sum(a, b):
    with open(__file__, 'r') as source:
        data ='\n')

    with open(__file__, 'w') as source:
        if not data[1].startswith('    "'):
            documentation = '    """Sums up two integers"""'
            new_source = data[:]
            new_source.insert(1, documentation)
    return a + b

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(It's a Python script that adds docstring to its only function on the first run.)

edit: I expanded on the idea a bit in hamatti/self-documenting-code

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