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7 Reasons Why You Should Apply for TCL

hajarnasr profile image Hajar | هاجر ・2 min read

"When you value and appreciate something, you can't stop talking and writing about it." -Anonymous

That's how I feel about TCL (or, The Collab Lab). I just can't shut up about my experience with them. 😅

Here are a few reasons why I appreciate that program and the people behind it so much, and why you should apply to join them if you're an early-career React developer and looking to gain some experience in working with a diverse team in agile development.

(It's a free program, by the way.)

1- The culture and community:
One of the main things I admire about TCL is the culture and community. They care so much about the participants no matter what their backgrounds, beliefs, or religions are.

Their code of contact is proof of how much they care.

2- The mentors:
Having mentors is priceless, especially if they're doing it out of passion. And TCL has a habit of attracting only passionate, experienced mentors.

3- The team:
I mean, who doesn't want to work and be friends with people from different cultures and countries? Who doesn't want a few people to go through all the frustration and code bugs with? No one, obviously.

4- Git and Github:
Working with TCL will get you more and more comfortable working with Git and Github. You'll learn how to write good pull requests and why, how to review other people's code, and how to resolve code conflicts.

5- Code reviews and office hours:
Yes, you get those every week for eight weeks in a row.

6- The weekly sync calls:
Each Sunday, you'll give a short presentation about the work you and your pair of the week will do that week. I think that's one of the most helpful things about the program. It lets you practice how to talk about and explain the code you write, which can be very handy in interviews.

7- Andrew Hedges:
(I was going to add Andrew as the first reason here but then decided to save the best reason to the last)

Andrew is the founder of Collab Lab and an engineering manager at Zapier. The kindness he has shown us at TCL is unbelievable. You need him in your social media life as a reminder that there are people out there who wake up each morning thinking, "Hmm, what can I do today to help people I don't even know but care deeply about?" And that one day, those people are going to save us all.

Thank you for reading, and if you're interested, please apply here.

The applications will be open from tomorrow to December 12.

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Yahaya Kehinde

Really great summary of the awesome work that goes on at the Collab Lab Hajar ☺️☺️👍

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Sounds interesting.