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re: We do memcaching... but what's the point of caching is_shown for the lessons? The user will have bad experience and say (I watched this lesson, wh...

Thanks for your reply.

  1. I wasn't asking specifically on the is_shown part, but rather about the performance issues you've talked about. you said "so each time the user opens the academy to see the lessons. we need to perform 3 sub queries" why can't you cache that?

  2. even on the is_shown part - why can't you expire the cache when you need to?

  1. We do caching with memcache... but caching is only an optimization, and the caching layer is gonna work after doing the cruel query, here is the caching mechanism:


  1. As you see, we preferred to give the user direct numbers, cuz the user can watch a lesson in one min, then he wanna see the is_shown True in front of him, to get the feeling of achievement, and not feel irritated

(we really get lots of responses as I watched the lesson why isn't it there, and that's just because of the frontend caching layer... cuz everyone wants the completion certificate :D ). That's why we accept the cruel query for this part.

Aside from all that, do you think optimizing with caching is really enough with all that mess... especially with the m2m ugly relationships :(

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