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The Quest for the Game


The Quest for the Game is a 2D top-down RPG game in an 8-bit style. It is based on the short film series The Quest for Soda by me. The main characters of the game are the main stars of the short films, the Danish teenage buddies Svenn and Svennz.

The evil Agent Yonas gives Svenn and Svennz an offer they can’t refuse. He offers to give them the latest and greatest video game that everyone wants to own, in exchange for one Coca-Cola and one Pepsi. It sounds easy, but they run into a few obstacles along the way, which you have to help them overcome.

Demo Link

The Quest for the Game on GitHub Pages

On the website you can play the game in your browser using WebGL, or you can download standalone builds for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Link to Code

The Quest for the Game is open source and licensed under the GPLv3. The source code is available on GitHub.

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Video game adaptation of The Quest for Soda series

The Quest for the Game


The Quest for the Game is a 2D top-down RPG game in an 8-bit style, based on the short film series The Quest for Soda. Further information about the game can be found in the Game Design Document (in Icelandic) as well as in the script. Furthermore, even more information can be found in the Wiki.

You can read more about the game on the game's website. From there you can also access downloads for the game, as well as play it in your browser.


Created by Reyn Alpha, Victor Wahid and Birkir Arndal as part of Game Development II (FORR3FL05EU-Hát) in Tækniskólinn (tölvubraut), spring 2020.

Based on the short film series The Quest for Soda by Reyn Alpha.

Information about external assets and resources used in this project can be found on the Wiki.


This project…

Technical Stuff

The game was built in Unity, and all custom scripts thus written in C#. We took advantage of the GitHub Student Developer Pack and its recently added Unity perks to get Unity Pro, allowing us to customize our build settings and disable the Unity splash screen, not to mention allowing us to use the dark theme in the Unity editor (which we all know is the real reason people pay for Pro!).

The game was a collaborative effort between me and my partners Victor and Birkir, although I did most of the programming, while they focused on creating assets (sprites, music and sound effects). I served as an executive director of sorts, making sure that their contributions played nicely with my own, and making the game come together.

About the Project

The Quest for the Game was created by Reyn Alpha (me!), Victor Wahid and Birkir Arndal as part of the course Game Development II (FORR3FL05EU-Hát) in Technical College Reykjavik (Tækniskólinn) during the spring semester of 2020. Information about the game's development can be found on the Wiki (in Icelandic).

Parting Thoughts

The entire game was made from start to finish in the span of about four months. That includes coming up with the basic idea for the game, creating a GDD (Game Design Document), writing the script, drawing sprites and making sound assets, drawing levels, scripting everything and releasing the game.

A lot of work was done in the last week before the due date to finish all unfinished functionality and fine-tune preexisting functionality, so much so that we spent more hours in the last nine days of the semester than we had done from January up until that point.

We're very proud of how the game turned out and we hope we can bring some enjoyment to those who play the game. It's not very long or very hard to beat but we think it's entertaining, which was our goal all along. Enjoy The Quest for the Game!

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