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Overlayed: Elevating Your Discord Experience Beyond Gaming

In the dynamic world of online communication, the Discord platform has become a cornerstone for communities to connect and collaborate. For those seeking an enhanced experience, Overlayed emerges as a third-party, multi-platform, and opensource Discord overlay designed to revolutionize the way users engage with voice chats.

Key Features

Let's walk through some of the most notable features Overlayed has to offer.

User List

Overlayed provides a clear and concise user list, allowing users to easily identify who is actively participating in the voice chat.

Overlayed User List

Functionality Beyond Gaming

Unlike the native Discord overlay being confined to Windows and gaming environments, Overlayed breaks free from these limitations. Whether you're collaborating on projects, hosting virtual meetings, or simply hanging out with friends, Overlayed is able to render the voice chat.

Overlayed overtop of a terminal

Always on Top Convenience

One of Overlayed's standout features is its "Always on Top" functionality. This ensures that the overlay remains visible and accessible at all times, allowing users to multitask efficiently without sacrificing the ability to monitor and interact with the voice chat.

Transparent & Clickthrough Design

The transparent window design of Overlayed provides a visually unobtrusive overlay. Additionally, its clickthrough capability enables users to interact with applications beneath the overlay without hindrance, creating a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.

Blazingly Fast™ Technology

Overlayed is built on the Tauri framework, leveraging the efficiency of Rust programming. This not only ensures a responsive and speedy performance but also highlights Overlayed's commitment to providing users with a cutting-edge and reliable overlay solution.


Overlayed is still in active development but if there is something you'd like to see added please raise an issue.


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