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πŸ”₯ Trending News, Repos and Products of the day - Digest #46

articleImgEach day we handpick the best web content across different websites eg: Hackernews, Github, Reddit... to help you stay updated with the hottest trends!

Level up your πŸš€ skills with these Github repositories:


πŸ“™ datree

πŸ‘€ datreeio | ⭐ +Star stars Prevent Kubernetes misconfigurations from reaching production (again 😀 )! Datree is a CLI tool to ensure K8s manifests and Helm charts follow best practices as well as your organization’s policies. See our docs:

πŸ“™ black

πŸ‘€ psf | ⭐ +Star stars The uncompromising Python code formatter

πŸ“™ substrate

πŸ‘€ paritytech | ⭐ +Star stars Substrate: The platform for blockchain innovators

πŸŽ‰ πŸ”₯ Hottest Devto posts :

πŸ“ Simplicity as Prerequisite for Reliability in Modern Software Development: Introduction

πŸ‘€ DevSimplicity|Simple, Not Easy | πŸ‘ +21 reactions "Simplicity as Prerequisite for Reliability in Modern Software Development" is a new, in-progress...

πŸ“ Forest Admin: Django Admin Alternative

πŸ‘€ Monika Ambrozowicz | πŸ‘ +22 reactions Internal tools are the gateway between products and users despite remaining hidden to the latter....

πŸ“ .NET 6 is READY to launch!πŸš€ Revealing 5 NEW (and awesome) FEATURES 🀯

πŸ‘€ Dotnetsafer | πŸ‘ +23 reactions After many months of leaks, speculation and more, Microsoft officially releases .NET 6 RC2. This is...

πŸ‘€ Keep an eye on these cool products too:


πŸ”Ί +259 | πŸ’¬ +45 High quality image background removal tool, 100% free

πŸ”§ Zillion Pitches

πŸ”Ί +220 | πŸ’¬ +112 AI-based pitch practice app for founders Zillion Pitches

πŸ”§ Troopr Wiki

πŸ”Ί +114 | πŸ’¬ +13 Automatically answer employee questions in Slack Troopr Wiki

πŸ™Œ Wrap Up! That was all for this week.

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