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Professional Hacker's TOP 9 Hacking Tools

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Every hacker has to use some hacking tools at some point. The hacker can be a professional white-hat hacker, black hat or gray hat hacker. Some people may say that a real hacker does not use any Hacking tools, who use the tools coded by others is a script kiddie. I will say this is their misconception. An operating system is also a software or tool for a hacker. If the hacker does not have a target software, then he has nothing to hack.

The bad idea is Without understanding what the tool is doing for him, or he can't do anything without a supper automated hacking software. This is not done by a professional hacker.

A hacker does not need to create a new Nmap to prove him as a real hacker. Because there is another Nmap already exist and ready to use.

Metasploit is widely used by professional hackers. Newbie hackers also install and try to use Metasploit-framework.

Professional one knows Metasploit is a bundle of Ruby scripts. If for any reason any script not able to exploit an overflow vulnerability as expected, then he is able to test it locally to find out where is the problem and rewrite the script if required.

Another person who does not have enough hacking skills, starting hacking using hacking tools for a short time, only will use a few commands such as:

USE random/windows/exploit
SET PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
SET LPORT port_number_without_forwarding

When exploitation will be failed, he'll say Metasploit doesn't work. This is the difference between professional and script kiddies.

Here is the list of TOP 9 hacking tools used by professional hackers:

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Typically, 'Professional' Hackers makes their own Tools, like ... they will never use Metasploit or whatever, they uses their own tool-kits, and exploits. For an example - AIRCRACK-NG can be made in Python with the scapy library, most of the SKIDS uses Armitage and Metasploit-framework, beef and Aircrack-ng, slowloris too to take down sites. Professional Hackers or Ethical Hackers typically will program a tool in python, C++ (exploits for shellcodes and stuff), I really prefer Python in-front of any programming language..

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Noob • Edited

Professional hackers can be found in-any Government Agencies like: CIA, FBI, NSA, MI-5 and all-other. The difference between Script kiddies and Ethical Hackers is that - Script Kiddies uses Ethical Hacker's tool-kits and immitate ethical hackers( i think thats how is being spelled) The script kiddie is always a Lame person who is unskilled and doesn't have any kind of knowledge about Networking and Programming...
Ethical hacker can be - Technical Engineer, Government Agent, Soldier and IT Specialist

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Pardon my Language, I'm from Bulgaria