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Better ways to get started into the world of programming

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👋🏻 Hello World!

I would like to share few important points that one should keep in mind when he/she starts learning how to code.

  1. Choose your living environment so that you can focus on building healthy habits/routine. Most importantly, Do yoga and meditation to silence your chattering mind.
  2. Find Peer-groups, Mentor support(online or offline) and a Feedback mechanism that helps you on the journey.
  3. Keep an eye on Time and Money that you are investing, Try making weekly commitments to achieve your goals.
  4. Start Understanding Problems to the core and Building Solutions step by step using the language you love.
  5. Look for the best online free resources when you start. For eg(for JavaScript):,, MDN JavaScript etc
  6. Do Recap, Write sensible code everyday, Git it.
  7. Blog, Tweet and your progress and concepts that you learn.. More you share, more you will come to know.
  8. Teach your peers and Learn from them.

Please add to the comment section, if I have missed anything.. 😊 and help the noobs!

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