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The importance of sharing knowledge

I discovered that i have a weird and strong passion to share the knowledge about programming i have with friends who are programmers like me or even an unknown person who needs that knowledge, and all i have to say is that it is good and valuable to share atleast some of what you know and here is how.

The benefit of sharing knowledge

when you share knowledge about coding, it can solidify that knowledge even more because teaching something is a great way to learn it even more, also it is so valuable to the person you teaching it to so it's a win win situation and it can improve your skills at teaching.

Ways of sharing knowledge

programming knowledge can be shared by making tutorials, writing books, creating courses even explaining a single thing is a form of sharing.

so the point of this post is to encourage people who have some skills not only in programming but in anything to atleast try and share some of it for your personal benefit and for the benefit of whoever teaching it to.

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