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Discussion on: Get Git and Github/GitLab in sync on default branch naming (master | main)

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Raphael Habereder • Edited on

The quotation you included, 'they' refers to everyone (git and git host providers). I have updated it to 'everyone' to be clear.

Fair enough, english grammar is weird that way, it sounded like it was focused on the Git core. Sorry about that and thank you for the correction! Now it is absolutely clear what you meant and what inspired this post.

I have no interest in discussing the why or who in this scenario.

Neither do I, so it's all good :)

If I had a seal of approval, I'd give it now!
Thank you for the work you put in this post, it's very appreciated.

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Rob OLeary Author

Lol thanks Raphael. Ya, Its just to reduce the config pain for others. I always appreciate when someone has solved something and shares a short answer to overcome it quickly.