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It's virtue signaling and nothing but a PR move.
Who is going to say "oh NOW I can finally use git"?

People that can't differentiate a tool from the act of slavery have problems that won't go away by changing a simple term around. This helps nobody, but it creates a whole slew of different problems and unnecessary amounts of work.
It's a can of worms that should've stayed closed IMO.


I've never associated the "master" branch with slavery, I wonder who ever did?

We use the "master" keyword for a lot of stuff:
Masters degree
Master Copy
Master Key

For example, If we were talking about RAID in computer storage with a "master" and "slave" terminology i would have understood the need for change.


I never did as well but I guess it may offend some people

Having an opinion offends people.
Don't base your actions on mob thinking and half truths.


This brings up a good point: "master" can mean "having command over a topic" (e.g., he/she is a "ReactJS Master") as well.

Chess: Grand Master
Jedi Master

One could infer that there is a secondary meaning that master can carry with it: "one who is really good at something".

I feel that this recent word-witch-hunting is over-simplified application of a given words' subset of definitions.

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