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Thanks for the article!

What resources would you recommend to improve in Tip #6 ?

I've heard about Design Patterns by The Gang of Four, but I don't know if it's still the best book on that topic 🤔


Hey Yisus, I strongly (and by strongly I mean really really boldly) recommend
Head First Design Patterns



Thanks! I'll add it to my list right away 😄😄😄

Good! It's a must and it's written in such an awesome way ;)


I've found the gang of 4 book to be really helpful in this regard.
Also the podcasts from coding blocks do a good job of giving great examples on when to use them and recognise them.


I gotta give the legendary book a try then 😃

Thanks for the podcast recommendation 😁


Took a quick look at the Coding Blocks Podcast. Good info, thanks

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