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David Wickes on April 02, 2019

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yay, most of it is similar to my workflow :)

I tried so-simple for GitHub pages, and I am more than okay with it so far

I need to change a few things for front matter (been lazy enough to not automate, maybe someday) between GitHub pages and, and I always use preview as sanity check - like have I forgotten some change, rendering (found two bugs so far), etc

will check out style and diction, feels like it will be helpful


I have a similar workflow. I use Vim almost exclusively but I do switch to VS Code for the Markdown preview - I didn't realise there was no standard for it though.

I often use the spell checking in Vim: :set spell! to toggle on/off. I often have to :h spell to remember all the commands but z= on a word brings up a list of suggestions and ]s moves to the next bad word.

I have written my own site a few times but switched to Jekyll a year or two ago because the less of my own code hanging around doing stuff the better and any features I want are just a Gem away.


I have written my own site a few times but switched to Jekyll a year or two ago

This made me laugh as I switched from Jekyll to writing my own site a year or two ago. I think it was the Liquid tags that did it - found the syntax confusing and occasionally magical.

TBH I still think I could do it all with Pandoc and a few scripts, but I CBA to work it out right now.

I often have to :h spell



This is awesome -- I am installing style and diction right now -- what a cool tool


Yeah, I'd never heard of those before but I'll definitely try them out.


@mortoray I see that there are several people who may want to use your mdl thing!


I'm working on it. It's almost far enough to do all my posts -- exception the latex bits.


Will now have to read your posts about writing a Markdown parser - thanks!


Very cool! I'm also blogging with vim + github. Made an MR on your githubs for some links on your main readme that weren't working for me

I've been trying out 100% markdown with the github static pages and then copy and pasting to

Could you say more about what :%y+ does?

I've been :!pbcopy on my mac to copy out, but I have a feeling your thing does that too, without clearing all the text?


Could you say more about what :%y+ does?


  • : - start command mode
  • % - with the whole buffer...
  • y - yank it to...
  • + - the register called +.

The register + is the system clipboard.


Thanks for the explanation! Registers are on of the vim things I haven't fully incorporated into my workflow


Well you made me feel like a pleb.


Terrible because there is no standard


I'm curious about MathJax, is this the best option for math in your opinion? I'd like to use MathML, but... compatibility. I'm half tempted to just say "fuck chrome and fuck, I'm using it".


Well you made me feel like a pleb.

Hahaha - I find that hard to believe!

I'm curious about MathJax

Meh. I have no idea if it's the best idea. It got me through the gates and meant that I didn't need to do any further parsing of the Markdown when it compiled to HTML. So a quick fix.

Ideally it should have more processing on the server side so I would like to try MathML myself.

You wouldn't necessarily have to not use, unless your experience tells you otherwise - the Markdown should support the HTML if it's getting visited in FireFox.

I've given up supporting legacy browsers like Chrome, but I believe there is a plugin to render MathML.


I might be doing something wrong then. There appears to be quite a lot of HTML that strips from the post (probably for good reason, can't trust everything and it's better to whitelist than blacklist)

Hmmm... well having not tried it thus far I'll trust to your report. is open source - perhaps we should take a poke at the codes to see if there's a quick win?

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