re: If you could change one thing about learning to code, what would it be? VIEW POST


Hmmm. I don't know - the biggest challenges always feel like the biggest successes when you've overcome them. So I'd not take away any of the things I've actually learned.

But what I'd try and take away would be my odd obsessions with the unimportant things. Things like:

  • which text editor to use
  • which font to use in the text editor
  • setting up a terminal to look pretty
  • adding every plugin to the text editor
  • understanding geeky jokes
  • etc etc etc

The amount of time I've wasted making Sublime Text look nice, or learning Vim, or playing around with every shell under the sun - without getting along with the actual coding bit. Ridiculous.

So, yeah - that's what I'd ask/help beginners with. Please stop adding to your problems with incidental crap and just use the quickest, most basic set up you're comfortable with.

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