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It offends me too, mainly because I feel I have to fight silos wherever I go and I feel that the FE/BE split is another horrible silo.

No, I'm not the best FE dev or the best BE dev but, dammit, I'd rather every dev on my team pitched in with whatever needed doing that day rather than remain willfully ignorant of the rest of 'the stack'.

There's going to be days when I want my CSS expert be nailing their CSS thing. But there might also be days where I need to do that instead, or where the CSS ninja has to redeploy the application. Or read a Java stack trace to find out what's gone wrong...

Specialization is important, but at the end of the day the customer doesn't see FE/BE/DB/CSS/UX/UI/W/E...

They see a website that either works or it doesn't. And that's everyone's responsibility.


Yes yes yes. I can’t agree more about your point about “fighting silos.” I think this all breaks down to two points (that I’ve learned through researching some upcomming “mindfulness at work” articles) where Buddhism teaches:

  • we are all equals, and we’re all in this together
  • mindful communication is important

So if you put those together, you will try to structure the team in a way that highlights good communication and you’ll foster practices that encourages the team to collaborate. As you said, it’s all for the end goal of helping the user. Thank you so much for your comment. Please keep trying to fight silos. It’s tough work, but the customer thanks you. :)


Cheers! I'm with you, the world is a big place and it takes all types of people to get along.

I'll keep calling myself a "full stack" or "software engineer" until I find a better name for me, and I'm not going to let anybody tell me that I've been a "myth", a "lie", a "scam", or "stuck" for the last 18-ish years.

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