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  1. Know who your user is

I couldn't agree more. Actually, I could. In the ideal world I don't just want to know who my user is - I want to talk to them, every day, and say "Hey, user - this thing I did for you - whaddaya think?".

Often this conversation is given to another "role" - a 'business analyst' or 'product owner'. Or worse the conversation is avoided entirely and you're left trying to interpret analytics data to work out what the user thinks.

By far the greatest satisfaction I've ever had as a developer has been when the actual people who use what I've written say to me "that's good", or - better - "that's not good, can we do it like this instead?", or best - "I've got this crazy idea, can we try it?"

Users exist in the real world. They're actual people, not mindless consumers nor button pressing automatons. The software you write is only a tool to them.

Yeah! If you like fast feedback loops and maximizing value, get to the coal face and talk to the workers. Get yourself into the world and get dirty!

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