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I think the reason I wouldn't write a webapp in Rust is the same reason I wouldn't write it in C or C++: the problems I'd be solving don't feel like a good fit for the language.

Don't get me wrong, I like Rust. But the idea of thinking about types of int, the borrow checker, and such forth, when in all likelihood I'll be writing an HTML template from a database, seems like an unnecessary overhead.

But you could convince me otherwise!


That's a fair point!

I would argue two things:

  • You won't face many of Rust features when handling simple tasks, yet you get all the benefits of safety and speed
  • To learn Rust to serve templates might be an overkill (maybe not)

However, omce you build your first few apps with Rust, you will see:

  • You grew as a developer
  • You don't face and you don't have to compeltely understand everything for the most part

It's a good feedback I think most people face, so I will get into that in more detail in the future!

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