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GUI's can be great. CLI programs can be terrible. The one actual benefit of CLI's seems to me to be the ability to craft a programming environment yourself, hopefully composing tools together to get your work done. But that's a skill that takes time to see benefits.

At work we recently discussed this Quora piece about whether 'dark mode' (white text on black background) is better for your eyes.

It's not. Years of research has shown that it's not. Yet many of us persist in using a black terminal screen (including me) and judging people who don't.

And I think this is a lot of what goes on in the debate about these tools. It's not the actual utility that's being compared. It's usually whether it looks 'cool' and a bit like Hackers Mr. Robot. We'll all say it's because it's more efficient, but it's more likely because we like it.

Software development: still the newest sector of the fashion industry.


Haha. I'm glad I switched to dark themes before I got exposed to the wider dev community. Dark themes are better for my eyes. Bright lights and screens tire them out easily.


I tried macOS dark mode, I switched back to the default lighter mode. It was terrible.

Somehow I still can't switch to a lighter theme for the terminal and vs code.

I'll give it a try and stick at it for a while


I've not given it a try yet - spent so damn long settling on a dark theme that I'm reluctant to open that can of worms again.

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