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re: "why shouldn't use a framework" pretty much tags frameworks as bad news. As a developer who can code with or without a framework, I would say that ...

A biography page shouldn't need an angular scafolding when vanilla Js or jQuery should suffice!

Or, dare I suggest, just some HTML?


If just HTML would be enough, people would not come up with css, images, animations.

HTML is okay for info, but it sucks in representation. Fun fact, that any attempt to replace html with anything more suitable just failed (hello flash).

Yeah, you can use some HTML. But such pages have little chance to stand out. For a some weird reason, customers like then their pages look and feel nice.

I think what he means is that you can build your blog with nothing more than your templated HTML - no frontend JS needed. You still can make your page look and feel nice, but without resorting to doing everything on the client.

You can, yes. Moreover, it makes more sense in serverless world to a certain degree.

One might even have a successful commercial html-only project. But I am confident enough to claim it as an exception rather than a rule.

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