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FULL DISCUSSION is super fast, which is awesome: it makes for great user experience and it makes the site more accessible.


So, just taking a look at the network tab of this article...

196 requests 5.87 MB / 2.89 MB transferred Finish: 3.70 min

That's 196 individual HTTP requests to read a single article, requiring just under 6 MB of data in total.

Not to mention the two scripts that Firefox refused to load because content blocking is enabled by default in my browser.

One of my favourite things about is its diversity of opinions and experiences, partly driven by its worldwide reach (as mentioned by @kaelscion ). I wonder how many more developers would be reached if the page was a few KBs big, made one or two requests to load, and ran no unnecessary scripts.

Page load is a diversity issue.


Well, I don't think the two things are mutually exclusive. is quite fast if you start to click around but it can always be better

It's also open source if you want to look into it ;-)

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