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re: LOL, good point. I'm new only in the last few years, moving away from GUI for stuff that can be done much easier on the command line... I'm not TH...

AOR is Adult Oriented Rock, MOR is Middle of the Road - I think they pretty much describe Nickelback.

Fair play to you for taking my (hopefully gentle) teasing on the chin.

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I have to add, to my credit, I've never used or enjoyed dragging controls onto a screen! Give me the code behind! So while I consider myself new to the command line, it is only because I feel like I should have been using it for over a decade now, but can't say that I have.

Wow, I have issues, feel like I need to defend my command line chops! haha

"What command-line skills would you say you actually have here?"
"I have BASH skills!" (probably not as much as a lot of people here though)

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