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A sane layout.

Having used Colemak for the last four years, you're kinda right, kinda wrong. Sure, it can be a pita to use Qwerty again (but not that much - it's all muscle memory anyway). The side benefits are the amazing security system you get - fools wonder why they can't type on my computer...

More useful than that craziness is some of the additional craziness you can add by using something like Karabiner or xmodmap to unleash some truly epic keyboard hacks. Capslock becomes useful as both Escape and Control Shift keys can also write parentheses... it's fun.

It is probably not worth it.

You're right - it probably isn't. But, then again, just because Qwerty is popular doesn't make it right (it was designed to slow typing down). And learning a new layout is an awesome opportunity to learn to touchtype, if only because all the keycaps now have the wrong letters on them.

Thanks for the great post.


I felt the urge to do research on that:

it was designed to slow typing down

I found out that you might be right. So, at least, I learned something today.

Colemak, Dvorak etc. seem to be optimized for people who use ten fingers and mainly type in English. (The Colemak website claims that "for other languages Colemak isn't optimal", and, oh boy, do we need those umlauts!) - Despite being a confident QWERTZ typist, I can't deny that I sometimes take a look at alternatives. Neo would probably be "my" recommended layout if I was interested in using all ten fingers. ;-)

I might try some of those on Android. I don't have a good keyboard there anyway.

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