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Youtube Channels You Should Follow as a Dev

20 famous YouTube channels you should watch in 2022


With the fast evolution of web technologies, it is critical to learn and nurture fresh knowledge about these technologies. As a result, in today's essay, I'll reveal 20 famous YouTube channels in 2021 so that we may learn to program ourselves and supplement our income. Incorporate fresh information into the website creation process. Let's go together and find out!

1. Traversy Media:

Traversy Media is a YouTube channel that specializes in delivering classes on new technologies as well as web development programming languages. This channel, in my opinion, is ideal for individuals who are just beginning to learn a new programming language with each course and highly practical examples. This channel offers a wealth of information about web programming languages and technologies such as React, VueJS, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, Python, and more. Also, offer your life experiences, perspectives, and solutions to difficulties that a coder may face.

2. The Net Ninja:

The Net Ninja is a YouTube channel dedicated to delivering courses for web developers such as Modern JavaScript, Node.js, React, Vue.JS, and more, with content updated regularly. It was established by Mr. Shaun, who has over 12 years of programming expertise and a strong interest in Javascript. I believe it will give a wealth of information on new technologies that will help you create your website.

3. Level Up Tuts:

Level Up Tuts is a YouTube channel founded in 2012 by Scott Tolinski and Ben Schaaf to teach people how to code. The goal is to educate you on how to solve common programming problems by providing instructional videos ranging from beginner to expert. With online technologies mostly focusing on CMS (Content Management System), Sketch, and React... With new programmers' lessons, such as phrases How to design your website, often asked questions in interviews... Programming skills and a strong desire to learn Javascript. I believe it will give a wealth of information on new technologies that will help you create your website.

4. Wes Bos:

Wes Bos is a place where you can discover lessons that are primarily focused on the front-end side of things. With technologies such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, React.js, Node, Express, Lambda, Gatsby, and Next.js, we improve our abilities in interface construction, web design, and programming. I'm quite impressed with the 30-day Javascript programming challenge series since it helps you comprehend and put the language's capabilities into reality.

5. Dev Ed:

Dev Ed assists you in adding actual expertise about development, web design, programming hints, and relevant topics surrounding the author to your resume. With Javascript-focused courses, React, CSS, and Nodejs... What I appreciate the most is the in-depth, humorous, and simple explanation of the difficulties. Programming themes are frequently inquired about as crucial things that programmers should be aware of and should select. What front-end framework should I choose for web development...

6. Programming with Mosh:

Programming with Mosh is a channel created by Mosh Hamedani to share his programming expertise with the rest of the world. Python, Javascript, and C# are three programming languages that are primarily focused. In addition, this channel offers thorough video courses for both front-end and back-end web programming, as well as films that address queries for novice programmers regarding common programming and daily life concerns.

7. TheNewBoston:

TheNewBoston is a channel that began broadcasting in 2008 and now has over 2.4 million members. With over 4,200 video tutorials, this channel delivers a wide spectrum of technical courses in programming, web design, networking, computer security, development of phone apps... Although this channel has not been updated with fresh content for a while, I believe you will be able to learn a lot of valuable and fascinating things about web development. And I hope that the author returns one day to provide more appealing courses to a wider audience.

8. programming knowledge:

programming knowledge is a front-end and back-end technical channel. It is equipped with keys. For people who are just getting started with programming languages like Java, Python, React, Bootstrap, and ASP.NET, the course is broken into tiny chunks. This is one of the greatest Youtube channels for learning web programming, with over 1 million followers and dozens of courses.

9. edureka!:

edureka! is a 2012 channel where the majority of the courses are taught by Indians. Bachelor's degree (but still speak English in the video). This is where you may learn more about several hot subjects nowadays, such as Big Data, Web Development, DevOps, Machine Learning, cloud computing certification, and so on. There is, however, one little drawback: some instructors claim that English is difficult to understand.

10. CodingCafe:

This is a site where you will find everyday articles on development. Gyanendra Knojiya created and maintains this website. This is a good website to bookmark if you want to learn full-stack programming.


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